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The Proposal

Summer : Was I really mean to you?
Seth : No. That would have required you to speak to me. For anyone to speak to me.
Summer : A lot's changed in a year, huh?

Luke : Yeah. Maybe I'll show up in Portland and fall for the chick dating the captain of the football team.
Ryan : That can kick your ass.
Luke : Yeah. Welcome to Portland, bitch.

Summer: Do you see this hammer in my hand?
Seth : Yeah, let me find that stud ... finder. What's it look like?
Summer: And a level.
Seth: What is a level?
Summer: Don't you know what a level is?
Seth: Yeah, it's something you advance to in a video game.
Summer: That's funny ... yeah. The tool doesn't know about tools.

Kirsten: My dad is marrying Julie Cooper. Julie Cooper ... is my step-mom.
Sandy: Maybe we'll get you another bottle.
Jimmy: Yeah, drink up.
Kirsten: This is an unholy alliance. This is two storm fronts colliding. This is the apocalypse for us all.

Julie; The phone calls, the emails-- I had to block you from my buddy list, you were so incessant.
Luke: You blocked me? I thought you were just offline.

Summer: You don't like hardware stores. You cry during chick flicks. Next thing you're gonna tell me that you walk in on Ryan changing.
Seth: Com'on that's crazy. Hey, let's go to the hardware store.

Seth: Hey, oh ... sorry. I'm surprised that hasn't happpened before. Not saying I'm disappointed it hasn't happened before just saying the mathmatical probability of ...
Ryan: Yeah, crying during chick flicks, walking in on me getting dressed ...
Seth: Yeah, what's your point? K, I'm not seeing what you're getting at? Do you work out?
Ryan: Not really.
Seth: Cool, me neither. I'm gonna go watch some hockey.
Ryan: Hockey season's over.
Seth: Damnit. Where you going?
Ryan: Gonna go find Luke. Beat the crap out of him.
Seth: Oh, where shall this can of whoop-ass be opened?

Summer: Ugh, how can you live like this? Your t-shirts are touching your sweaters.

Luke: Just one more thing before I go... will you forgive me?
Marrissa: Yeah... yes.

Kirsten : No, there is nothing good about what's happened here. I mean, this marriage is an astroid that has hit the earth. Now we just have to wait to see what species survives.

Seth : I did it. Look.
Summer : Wow, you hit a nail. Bob Villa's your bitch, Cohen.

Kirsten : What's with dad these days? He's all warm and mushy.
Hailey : I don't know. Maybe it's the new blood thining medication he's on.

Seth (Making hand motions to Summer) : I'm gonna go pee. Ok. So if anyone asks, that's where I am. For a while.
Ryan : Right.
Marissa : He's getting weirder.
Ryan : I didn't think that was possible.

Ryan (to Marissa) : You know what we haven't done in a while? (then they lean in for the kiss.)

Luke : Yeah, like you guys will talk to me. No one will talk to me.
Seth : Yeah, well, sleeping with your ex-girlfriend's mom kinda yields that result.

Ryan : Are you ok?
Marissa : Yeah. It's just really sad.
Ryan : It's just the movie right? That's the reason for the tears?
Marissa : Yes, I'm emotionally stable. Besides, I'm not the only one crying.
Seth : I'm sorry? What? I'm allergic. There is so much pollen in here. It's ridiculous.
Marissa : It's ok.

Marissa : I don't know. Cause the guy I lost my virginity to had sex with my mom?
Seth : Oh, right. I remember that.

Summer : Why don't we have a slumber party? I'll sleep over.
Seth : Yeah, no we all will. And, and, in fact, we'll sleep in shifts, that way one of us can be up at all times.
Marissa : Doing what?
Summer : Hey, whatever you need us to do.

Marissa : Ok guys. I can drink a cold beverage.

Seth : Look, I'm all for getting it on in exotic locales, but I think your best friend's bedroom just's really... disheveled. Wow. I like what she's done with the place. The cardboard boxes... It feels very... I'm getting, like, a garage sale vibe.

Summer : You're such a dandy, Cohen.
Seth : You're a dandy, woman.

Seth : Summer did the all the building,and the heavy lifting, and the wiring of the electronics. But I did the painting. I know you're a Paris fan.

Seth : Yeah, she'll watch over you. With her care bear stare.
Ryan : How do you know about the care bear stare?

Seth: Oh no! No! The wall wasn't supposed to break!
Summer: That's because you need to find the studs Cohen!
Seth: Oh Summer, I think we've already found a stud.
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