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The Homecoming

Sandy [wondering why Anna isn't with her family]: So Anna, What's the deal? Your parents don't believe in celebrating the genocide of the American Indians?
Anna: Uh, no, it's kind of challenging to sit at a table with the Sterns of Pittsburgh and still have an appetite. It's sort of an anathema to the whole spirit of Thanksgiving.

Summer: Back so soon? 'cause I was just... Eww!!! I mean... not eww, you are very attractive, for a dad... distinguised... oh my god!

Sandy: The boys and I made a pact.
Kirsten: A pact?
Sandy: A solemn promise.
Kirsten: When was this?
Sandy: You were in the bathroom.

Ryan: Titans. What about Legion? That was kinda cooler.
Seth: The guy is in prison, man. Have you seen Oz? But, yeah, Legion was kinda cooler.

Seth: Hey did you guys hear? Ryan's funny now.

Anna: So, this is your crib? This is where all the magic happens?
Seth: Well, if by magic, you're referring to the card game, then, sadly, yes.

Seth: Nothing says Thanksgiving like Moo Shu Pork.

Seth: Ryan. That's extremely minty of you. I didn't even know they had musicals in Chino. I didn't even know they had dancing. Or... laughter.
Ryan: That's because no one who lived there is as funny as you.
Seth: So, we finally agree I'm the funny one. Well look at that! Looks like we all learned some valuable lessons this Thanksgiving.

Anna (to Summer): Summer?
Summer (to Anna): Anna?
Both: SETH!!
Anna: I kissed you!
Summer: I kissed you!
(Anna walks away)
Seth: (to Anna) Wait, don't go!
Anna: You dont want me to go?
Summer: You dont want her to go?
(Anna leaves)
Seth: Wait!
(Seth holds back on whether to choose Anna or Summer)
(Julie and Caleb laugh)

(Kirstin is running the blender loudly)
Seth: Marissa's in Chino.
Kirstin: What?!
Seth: I said, Marissa's in Chino!
Kirstin: WHAT?!
Seth: I said, (Kirstin turns off the blender) MARISSA'S IN CHINO!
Julie: What?!

(When Kirsten sees Seth with Anna and Summer)
Kirsten: I always knew you were a late bloomer sweetie.
Seth: Thanks Mom

Seth: OK Mom, you're dangerously close to the corn now- step back.

Sandy: (Referring to Caleb and Julie) It's the gruesome twosome!

Seth: You know what I dream about when I dream about Thanksgiving, which is often? I dream about eating so much deliciousness that all the blood rushes to my stomach and I pass out at the table. Please don't deny me that.

Marissa: Why do we have to spend Thanksgiving with him? He's creepy.
Jimmy: Caleb's not creepy. He's just...scary.

Seth: The other night, on my grandfather's yacht, Summer attacked me with her lips. And she swore if I told anyone she would kill me. Yeah, she's got an interesting take on romance.

Seth: I liked it so much better when you had no sense of humor.
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