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205 - The SnO.C.

Alex: Why aren't you at the SnOC Winter Wank-off?

Alex (to Zach): She can't fall for you if you're not there to catch her.

Alex: Come on. We have a first aid kit back at the club.
Seth: The storeroom perhaps.
Alex: Do you want to get hit again?

DJ: You don't want to be distracted by... I don't know, finally introducing me to your friends.

Julie: Well I was easy to love back then. I was beautiful and much nicer.
Jimmy: C'mon, Jules. You're still beautiful. And you were never nice.

Julie (to Marissa and DJ): You're fired and you're grounded... you stay away from my daughter.

Julie: Jimmy, look.
Jimmy: Wow, she looks beautiful.
Julie: Yes, but more importantly she's with Ryan. Who right now looks like Prince Charming.

Kirsten: I don't want you getting into trouble over this.
Sandy: Oh, honey, I think it's a little late for that.

Lindsay (to Renee): Mom, what are you doing here?

Lindsay: He's going to think I'm crazy.
Seth: You're a girl. He expects it.

Lindsay (to Ryan): You're this tough kid from Chino who lives in this rich family's pool house with tan ex-girlfriend who is maybe the most intimidating beautiful girl in the history of high school.

Lindsay: (to Ryan): I don't even like dances, so have fun.

Marissa: I already told you, the Winter Ball is not his thing.
Ryan: Did he decide that or did you?

Marissa (to Ryan about Julie): She told you you were handsome? A year ago she wanted to have me committed because I was seeing you.

Ryan (to Lindsay): I know something we can do that doesn't involve a lot of talking.

Ryan: I know something we can do that doesn't involve a lot talking. (Cut to them playing video games)

Sandy (to Ryan): Never underestimate a parents ability to mortify his child.

Sandy (to Caleb): Well when you make a mistake, you really make a mistake.

Sandy: What could he have done that would be so terrible he'd rather go to jail?... Unless, life with Julie Cooper...

Sandy: Even if you were having an affair, 16 years is an awfully long time to be paying alimony... unless there's a child.

Seth (to Summer): Oh, right, you must be talking about Lindsay, not Alex, the one I made out with.

Seth (to Alex): By work you mean (coughs) make out.

Seth: You just kissed the beer man.
Alex: So was just a kiss. Right Mandy?
(Alex kisses Mandy)

Seth (to Alex): It's a shame you got there when you did 'cause I was getting ready to bring the hurt.

Seth: Ryan Atwood, afraid of a girl?
Ryan: I just might like her, and every time a big event happens...
Seth: Things go awry.

Seth: That is how lame I have become. I have to be third-wheel to not even a real relationship.

Seth: Hey, need a hand with something? Ryan, take a box. I've got to get to class.

Seth: The guy loves to dance.

Summer: You've gotta go Ice-Man on her ass.
Seth: Was that your first X-Men reference?
Summer: Top Gun.

Summer: It's okay. I'm listening.
Seth: Really?
Summer: Yeah. Kinda.

Summer: Just make sure she has good shoes so she doesn't hurt her ankles running away.
(Zach walks away)
Seth: Oh, you mean like him.

Zach (to Summer): Why don't you just ask Cohen. I'm sure he'd love to take you.

Zach: Even when you're not a couple, you'll always be a couple. You're Joanie and Chachi, Luke and Leah.
Seth: Um, Luke and Leah were brother and sister.
Zach: Yeah, well may the force be with you.

Zach: I'm sensing a low level of sarcasm here.
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