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212 - The Lonely Hearts Club

Alex (to Marissa): Next week when we don't have Hallmark breathing down our necks, we'll go out. Cool?

Caleb: I understand [Ryan] is handy with an adverb.

Caleb: Thank you, Ryan. I relaize it wasn't easy to string so many words together.

Caleb (to Ryan): What is this, 'The Color Of Money'? That's absurd.

Caleb about Ryan: Setting fires... impregnating teenage girls...

Julie: What if I took away your Blackberry. And your cellphone?

Julie to Marissa: Are you going to throw your bedroom furniture in the pool now?

Julie: Lets have dinner, just the two of us.
Marissa No thanks mom, I'm not that lame.

Kirsten: Don't try to get off on a technicality. This about our marriage.

Lindsay (to Ryan): You don't want to be alone on Valentine's Day. Aww, you are such a girl.

Marissa (to Julie): Come on mom, if you two can't make it, no one can.

Marissa: I thought you said no dating on Valentine's Day.
Alex: Screw it.

Sandy (to Rebecca): There are days I think Kirsten and I are bulletproof. I don't want to test that theory.

Seth: Our noses grazed. And it was like the most sexually charged nose-graze in the history of nose grazes. It's essentially nose-humping, is what it is.

Seth: (to Ryan) Help a brother out. This guy's got mad valentine's day skills, bitch.
Sandy: Word, son.

Seth (to Ryan): That's emotional child's play compared to what we're dealing with now.

Seth (to Ryan about Sandy): Looks like I'm not the only one at odds with the universe.

Seth: After today, how I acted, Ryan, I don't think I'd get back together with me.

Seth: I'd be a little more confident of me and Summer... if we hadn't made out.
Ryan: You guys made out?
Seth: No.

Seth: So, for Valentine's Day, you're givin Lindsay ... grandpa?

Summer: You know what? My teeth are all plaque-y. I'm gonna go for a last-minute floss.

Summer (about her earrings): Do you think these are too bling for a meeting?

Zach (to summer about Seth): I don't think he's ever going to get over you. I've kind of accepted that.

Zach: I've got directions, I've got snacks.

Zach: Summer, who is it?
Summer: Obviously, it doesn't matter.
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