theocquotes (theocquotes) wrote,

213 - The Test

Julie: And I told you, you have nothing to worry about. I will take care of that. I saw that, Kirsten.

Julie: You should get another glass of champagne. 'Cause this is one surprise you won't find posted on the internet.

Kirsten: Have you seen Seth?
Sandy: Well I've smelled him. Smells like Teen Spirit to me.

Lindsay: You should have seen the look she gave me. Like I was some sort of scheming fortune hunter.
Ryan: Well, that's what she understands.

Lindsay (about Julie): We should put garlic up in case she comes back.

Lindsay: I don't need to take a test. 'Cause I know that my real dad wouldn't treat me this way.

Ryan (about Seth's obession with Zach and Summer): No, Seth, you can't ask her. It's weird and it's creepy and it's none of your business.

Ryan (about the movie): He tries to do good but he usually ends up destroying everything.
Sandy: Ah, good. My kinda hero.

Sandy: The FBI was here.
Kirsten: Well it wouldn't be the Cohen house if didn't have law enforcement.

Seth: I think closure's overrated. I'm more of a fan of open unrequited love.

Seth: I'm gonna go home; watch VH1. I think Best Week Ever's on.

Seth: Do you not see what's going on here?
Ryan: Yes. You're wallowing.

Summer: Party at Caleb's. That sounds awesome.

Summer (on the phone with Zach):I haven't seen Cohen, why? Well he always smells kind of weird.

Summer: I'm only saying this for the people that live with you: take a shower, Cohen. Zach and I didn't have sex.

Summer: Alex? Seth's Alex? Girl Alex?

Summer (hugging Marissa): This isn't turning you on, right?

Summer: See ya, Cohen.
Seth: See ya, Summer.
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