theocquotes (theocquotes) wrote,

The Secret

Luke: Maybe I should just blow it off. Hit the beach. Let people get it out of their systems.
Ryan: No, it doesn't work like that. It's been three months and I'm still the kid from Chino who burned a house down.
Marissa: And I'm still the girl who tried to kill herself in Mexico.
Seth: Yeah ... and I'm still - I'm still - well, I'm still Seth Cohen.

Ryan: Maybe you've got the Summer flu.
Seth: Yeah, it's November, but it's possible.
Ryan: Maybe you need some Anna-biotics.

Seth: You can't blame me for wanting the company of both of you.

Sandy: You need to trust that you can tell me things I might not want to hear.

Seth: Definitely. I'm not scared of Summer and Anna. [pauses] Well, I'm not scared of Anna.

Seth: You and Luke? Holy unholy alliance!

Sandy: You're gonna be late for yogalates.
Kirsten: I think I might not go.

(in other conversations, Sandy continues bringing up yogalates)
Kirsten: You like saying yogalates don't you?
Sandy: Yogalates (he smiles)
Ryan: Yogalates.
Sandy: Yogalates.

(after the yogalates discussion by Sandy, Kirsten and Ryan)
Kirsten(To Seth): You know what I'd like to know?
Sandy: Yogalates?
Kirsten(To Seth): Why are these two being so smug?
Seth: Because for once they didn't do anything wrong.
Sandy: That's right.(To Ryan) Good on ya buddy.
Ryan: Back at ya.
(They clank glasses)
Kirsten: Enjoy it while you can boys, cause knowing you two, it won't last very long.
Sandy: Yogalattes.

Julie: Have you eaten?
Kirsten: What do you have in mind?
Julie: Fried chicken and beer.
Kirsten: Lets go first rounds on me.

(Runs into Summer and Anna)
Seth: H-hi Summer...and Anna...hanging out together. Wow. Wow, that's...awkward.
Anna: Not really.
Seth: I meant for me.

Sandy: Oh, the SUMMER flu... I just got it. (pats Ryan on the shoulder) That was a good one.

Ryan: I was just over there. They seemed really happy.
Seth: Yeah? And by happy, do you mean... (whispers) gay?
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