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"The O.C." Quotes

the place to find quotes from "The O.C."

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This journal is dedicated to supplying quotes from "The O.C." Feel free to friend us, although there won't be any friending in return because all posts will be public.

All quotes will be archived here by episode.

If you want to add a quote, just comment on the post for that episode.

If you think a quote is wrong, please tell me nicely by commenting on the post with which quote you think is wrong and what you think it is. I have each of the episodes and will check them if you think it's wrong.

5/15/04: Completed an inital post for each episode of Season 1.
6/10/04: Added more quotes for each episode.
11/7/04: Added quotes for "The Distance"
11/15/04: Redid the quotes for "The Distance," added quotes for "The Way We Were"
12/8/04: Added quotes for "The New Kids on the Block" and "The New Era"
12/10/04: Modified quotes for "The Way We Were," added quotes for "The New Era" and "The SnO.C"
1/8/05: Added quotes for "Family Ties" and "The Sno.C"
1/16/05: Added quotes for "The Power of Love"
1/23/05: Added quotes for "The Ex-Factor" and episodes from the beginning of season 1.
1/31/05: Added quotes for "The Accomplice"
2/5/05: Added quotes for "The Second Chance"
2/17/05: Added quotes for "The Lonely Hearts Club" and "The Test"

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